Here at Red Rover we are always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier and more sustainable on the road. Keeping track of new RV trends is always at the top of our “To Do” lists. We’re happy to report that new trends and innovations in RVing technology continue to abound in 2018 and many of those advances center around minimalist, ecologically sound, multi-use appliances.

What’s new? Sleek, simple, and multi-purpose. All-in-one kitchens that feature pivoting food prep areas and allow you to cook, store food, and wash clothes and dishes at the same time are hot on the RV show circuit. We love this little set-up from Thor Motor Coach.

Some multifunctional creative designs that are still on the drawing board look like gaming consoles or futuristic devices you might see on The Jetsons cartoon. Imagine this: flat toasters and other interlocking modular appliances that share a common energy source. And for families on the go with babies or toddlers, we love the idea of ultra-compact sustainable diaper cleaners – the size of a basketball – that run on solar power and reuse grey water. Talk about eco-chic!

Of course, space-saving 12-volt gadgetry such as popcorn poppers, fans, space heaters, and beverage cooler/warmers continue to get better and better, as do mini-microwave/convection and infrared ovens, kitchen/stereo hybrids, lightweight ergonomic refrigerators, evaporative coolers, countertop dishwashers, and indoor fireplaces. Warm towels, anyone? Radiant heating is an exciting RV innovation to keep your eye on.

Add-on outdoor kitchens and appliances are gaining in popularity, too. Outdoor sinks, stovetops, and grills are getting lighter and more efficient. Retractable flooring, decking and add-on screened in porches extend our comfort level. Add an outdoor sound system, foldable portable firepit, a flat-screen TV… and there you have it: instant drive-in movie!

We hope this gives you a glimpse of what’s happening now and in the future in the world of RV appliances. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned to the Red Dog Blog!

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Author and artist Karen Mireau is founder of Azalea Art Press, which publishes visionary memoirs, poetry books, creative nonfiction, and highly imaginative children’s titles. Her love and respect for nature is expressed in everything she does. You can reach her directly at

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