Remember when you were a little kid, and your parents would take the whole family on a camping trip every summer? Vacations have evolved since the days “The Parent Trap” was popular. Kids now go on European vacations and trips to Disney World. Get back to basics by learning how camping can help your kids become better human beings.

1. Survival Skills

Your kids might not ever need to survive the zombie apocalypse. They may never need to learn how to build a fire, live off the land or stave off a bear attack. Yet kids who obtain these skills tend to be better at other stuff too. They feel more confident throughout their daily lives and are more independent.

2. Problem Solving Skills

Camping forces kids to learn basic problem-solving skills. They don’t have a heater to stay warm, so they need to figure out how to collect the items they need to build a fire. They don’t have a fast food restaurant nearby, so they need to figure out how to cook canned foods or look for food nearby.

3. Community Building Skills

Camping and community go hand-in-hand. Your kids will learn how to treat others and how to get along in a community. They’ll learn why they need to be quiet after a certain hour or make sure the dog doesn’t bark uncontrollably. They’ll learn to make connections with their camping neighbors and learn when to let others have alone time.

4. Connection with Nature

One of the most important skills kids can learn through camping is how to gain a connection with nature. Most kids grow up in cities or suburbs where nature isn’t available. Kids need to spend time hiking in the forest, feeling the soft dirt under their toes and swimming in lakes to understand the human condition. They need to experience what it feels like to be far away from modern civilization. Kids can also learn about history and how their ancestors lived through a camping trip.

5. Escaping Screen Time

Human beings very rarely experience events firsthand anymore. We all spend way too much time in front of the TV, computer, phone or tablet. The phrase ‘screen time’ was actually coined to describe our obsession with technology. Give your kids an escape from technology for a few days. Bring them to a place where they won’t need screens because they’ll be able to experience something real and tangible right before their eyes.

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