In a recent designation of three new national monuments in Southern California, Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack joined the local and state officials who have applauded Obama for his designation of three wonderful, new national monuments in the Southern California desert:

Mojave Trails National Monument

The Mojave Trails National Monument offers a stunning mosaic of rugged mountain range and bizarre sand dunes. They chose this as the monument because it has the longest remaining undeveloped stretch of Route 66.

Castle Mountains National Monument

Photo Credit: David Lamfrom

Castle Mountains National Monument was selected because it’s an essential part of the Mojave Desert. You have important historical resources, water, fauna and flora that all need to be protected, and this monument offers some of the finest Joshua tree forest in the Mojave Desert. Also, the Native American archaeological sites were some of the best vestiges of history during the western expansion.

Sand to Snow National Monument

Photo Credit: Jack Thompson/The Wildlands Conservancy

Obama chose the Sand to Snow as a national monument because of its peaks and valleys. For a long time, it has provided the Native Americans with spiritual and physical sustenance. These are cherished locations that we need to protect.

Site of the new monument is roughly as big as the state of Deleware

Why am I so excited about these new monuments coming to Riverside and San Bernardino counties? I am ecstatic about this latest development because the monuments are just one hour from Las Vegas and one hour from Los Angeles, making them easy to get to and within a short trip to some of the best camping spots in North America. One could also make a strong argument for these designations preserving the natural beauty of America, but that goes without saying. We now have about 1.8 million acres that will be turned into spectacular landscape, and it will help endangered animals that desperately need better wildlife habitats. For a point of reference, the entire state of Delaware is only 2.4 million acres. I simply love these selections for what it says about our President and what it means for future generations. You can also view wonderful wildlife and snap brilliant photos in one of Southern California’s most diverse areas for fragile wildlife.

Why These Three Areas Became National Monuments

In general, the decision to create three national monuments in Southern California reflects positively on Obama as a president. It shows his commitment to preserving the Nation’s beautiful environment. With some presidents, they only said that they cared for the wildlife while they made decision out of greed to hurt it. Obama, on the other hand, has not made empty statements about his actions. He pushed plans for restoring and preserving the nation’s most precious areas through national monuments. He even restored Mount McKinley back to its original native name, Mount Denali, which shows that one of his most successful policies is protecting the environment.

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