Looking for a romantic weekend away, but don’t want to be in a swanky hotel? The benefits of roughing it with your significant other far outweigh the cons. Spending time together in a natural environment let’s you have time away from technology and distractions to really focus on one another. If you need more reasons why this is a great idea, you can find them here.

Ready to start the getaway? HipCamp, a website that helps you to find campsites, cabins and RVs to rent, is a great place to start. We have come up with the top sites we found on HipCamp for romantic getaways with your SO, whether it’s in a tent or you have more comfortable lodging.


1. Hidden Meadow Tent Site


Looking for some isolation? This spot is perfectly nestled in a meadow surrounded by  trees and accessible by a walking bridge from a farm. It may seem like you are far out, but if you head across the stream, you will find toilets and hot showers. There are also wild berries and apples that are perfectly ripe during camping season.

2. Mazama Campground


If you are looking for something scenic, you can’t beat this spot on Crater Lake in Oregon.  Mazama Campground offers running water, flush toilets, bear lockers, picnic tables, fire rings and a few RV hookups. The campground itself can get full since this is such a popular location, but having people around can introduce you to new friends if you are a social pair. This destination is also perfect for adventurous bikers and hikers.

3. Assateague Island Horse Camp


Wild Horses? Sandy beaches? Beautiful marshes? Assateague Island Horse Camp offers a lot of wonderful scenery that is unique to the area. Surfing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding and more are all convenient to the location and is perfect for adventurous spirits.

4. Blackwoods Campground


An ideal vacation is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation and that is exactly what you will find at Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park. Complete with cliffs, sandy beaches, hiking, kayaking, biking, this campground is sure to spark the adventurer in both of you. The campground is only a 10 minute walk from the coast and there is a free shuttle to bring you to other attractions within the area.

5. Hammocks Beach Campground


Hammocks Beach Campground is located in an untouched and undeveloped area on the North Carolina Coast. The area is famous for it’s wildlife and beautiful marshes. For a beach-loving duo, this spot is perfect to escape the stress of your everyday life.

6. Little Beaver Lake Campground


Little Beaver Lake Campground is surrounded by beautiful pines and it situated right on the banks of the lake. Hiking trails to Lake Superior are also found in the campground, as well as boating and lot of relaxation. The views of the beautiful scenery are reason enough to plan your trip! These sites are perfect for tent camping, or a smaller sized RV.

7. WildTender Ranch Lighthouse View


If you are really wanting to escape from all the commotion, Wildtender Ranch is the place for you. Though it is close to civilization, you will feel like you are far from it. The campsite offers gorgeous views of the ocean, lighthouse and stars are sure to spark some romance. With a magical teepee to sleep in, this will be a trip you will never forget.

8. WineFarm


What could be more romantic than wine under the stars? Probably camping in the middle of a vineyard. Surrounded by grape vines and beautiful hills, the Studdert Family Wine Farm is the perfect place to make camp. With a short bike ride away from vineyards, plus the wine tasting recommendations that the owner gives to residents, you won’t have anything to wine about at this campsite.


9.  Newbird Cabin


Seeking something a little more comfortable? Newbird Cabin gives you a familiarity and a less rugged experience. Just a small hike uphill will bring you to the cabin and give you surrounding views of the farm that it is situated on. The cabin has modern features with running water and electricity. You won’t have to worry about being unprepared for this trip.

10. Songdog Glampout


This site is not for the people who prefer rugged camping. They call it a “Glampout” for a reason. The Songdog Glampout is a lavish camper’s dream. The large canvas tent is spacious and covered in oriental rugs, and right outside of it you can find a fire pit and panic table to take in the natural beauty of the area. There is hiking, biking, and horseback riding nearby to satisfy your adventure needs.

11. Dream in An Airstream Tonight


Not into tent camping? Want something a little more unique? You can rent a vintage airstream in the middle of Sky Valley! The airstream comes equipped with AC/heating units, shower, toilet, and drinking water. From this site, it’s an easy trip to the Coachella Valley Preserve, natural mineral hot springs and Salvation Mountain Salton Sea.

12. The Gypsy Escape Camp


Set on a Topanga Canyon Mountain top, this Gypsy Escape Camp is a magical place to spend a small retreat. This bohemian escape has a small cottage, a caravan trailer, a gypsy tent and an outdoor tub. Hammocks, hiking trails, stargazing and relaxing are all a part of this getaway. The site is only 30 minutes away from LA and a short drive to the beach.

13. Yuba Yurt


The Yuba Yurt is located on the North San Juan Ridge at the edge of Tahoe National Forest. There are many outdoor activities in the area including hiking, exploring swimming holes, mountain-biking, and more! The uniqueness of this place is found in the shelter you will find yourself in. The yurt has an outdoor bathtub, expansive decks, full size kitchen, shower, toilets, and a living room area. You won’t feel like you are roughing it, but you still have accessibility to the natural surroundings of the area, which is a perfect combination.

14. Steep Ravine Cabins and Campground


On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge outside of San Fransisco, is Steep Ravine Cabins and Campground. All of the cabins have gorgeous ocean views and are perfect for a getaway. Tent camping is also available and on site there are primitive toilets, water faucets, and firewood. The views you get from your site are reason enough to book a spot here today!

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