There are different forms of romance. Some prefer a candle-lit dinner with wine. For others, it’s going on outdoor adventures together. Take it from these couples who have years of camping, rv-ing, and backpacking together. Below are 15 ways going outdoors can strengthen your relationship.

Courtesy of Best Life in the World
Courtesy of Best Life in the World

1. Having an adventure that is low-cost is always satisfactory for both.

“Camping is a low-cost, exciting way of immersing yourself in nature and something that we now love doing. Being able to head head off on a Friday night with a fridge full of food, the dog in the back and a different destination to explore gives us immense satisfaction AND a really cool view to wake up to each time.” – Best Life in the World

2. There are little distractions to intervene quality time with each other.

“Camping gets us away from the anti-social world of television and social media. More often than not our overnight camp is far from internet reception meaning we spend the night playing cards, reading books or chatting about everything and nothing. There’s nothing better for a relationship than actually talking to the person you’re there with!”

3. Experience epic moments that both can always reminisce to.

“We’ve been to so many different spots over the last year but I think camping at 4000m above sea level, on top of the Land Rover in the Himalayas has to rate as one of the finest locations we’ve found. It was a pretty cold night but waking up to the suns rays shooting between the surrounding mountain ranges was incredibly epic.”

Courtesy of Drivin’ And Vibin’

4. Can improve the communication skills between one another.

“We live in a very small space, so its necessary we stay open and honest with our communication. This way we can always stay in alignment with our literal and metaphorical path.” – Drivin’ And Vibin’

5. Help build appreciation for each other.

“We try to live day by day and be fully present in the current moment and that seems to make ‘our favorite’ a feeling we carry with us to each new place.”

6. Relieve any stress that comes from trying to keep up with the busy world.

“Without the stress of our previous lifestyles we can focus on cultivating meaningful experiences together and can see the world with fresh eyes.”

Courtesy of His & Her Alaska

7. Experience great adventures together & share unforgettable memories.

“Taking 7-month adventure in our motorhome is something we’ve both had on our bucket list.” – His & Her Alaska (Youtube)

8. Become more transparent with one another in the relationship.

“When traveling and living together in a motorhome, you experience life’s highs, lows, and everything-in-between.”

9. Discover a favorite spot that brings out the best of each other.

“For us, there’s no place we love more than Alaska. Every year during the fall season, we go to the Denali Highway for our annual caribou harvest. We usually spend 1-2 weeks up there enjoying the beautiful tundra fields, picking wild blueberries, and harvesting a caribou to feed our family for the year.”

10. Taking a journey together is always time well-spent.

“Camping in our home on wheels gives us an opportunity to focus on the experiences and enjoy the world around us.” – We’re the Russos (Youtube)

11. Become closer by learning how to work as a team.

“Camping (and living out of a RV) puts us in situations where we have to deal with things like wild animals, extreme weather and various other situations that force us to work as a team. We’re much closer now because we’ve learned to work together and utilize each others strengths.”

12. Get the chance to bond with each other and with nature simultaneously .

“We really enjoy camping on BLM and Forest Service land because we get to park our home in a forest and can see wild animals roaming through our backyard. Also, we don’t have neighbors right on top of us – plus it’s free! One spot we really enjoyed was outside the Grand Canyon.”

Courtesy of Spot the Scotts
Courtesy of Spot the Scotts

13. Discover a lifestyle that fits both in the relationship.

“We love the outdoors and love exploring new places…plus, we love being on the road! So this lifestyle is perfect for us.” – Spot The Scotts

14. Challenges are faced and conquered together.

“There are obvious challenges in a relationship when spending so much time together – you can’t get away from each other and when you have an argument…but we find that forces us to work it out! You have to go out of your way to make “me time” and “us time.” What I mean by that is everybody needs time for their own hobbies or to just chill out and do their own thing without the other person around – so we actually plan that into our schedule.”

15. Coming to the realization that life and time is precious.

“A big part of our “why” is that we have seen how precious life us and how little time we really have on this earth. Between the two of us, we have lost 3 children, and Christie has lost both parents. We don;t want to put off seeing the world for our retirement when we may not be healthy enough to enjoy it, and we want to spend quality time with our children (Brian has two now, and we hope to add to our family soon.) Time is precious.”

Strengthening your relationship with a loved one requires more than going outdoors. Nonetheless, taking your lover on an outdoor adventure can build a strong foundation for the relationship. So take a chance and get swoon by the great outdoors.

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  1. Christie Scott

    Thanks so much for featuring us in your article! It’s exciting to see two other couples we have actually met in person here as well – His & Hers Alaska and Drivin’ & Vibin’!