You know we couldn’t pass up Valentine’s Day without at least one sappy post.

Here’s a list of proposals done right – in the outdoors, at the top of mountains, and under trees.

To kick things off, the US Department of the Interior created this video of weddings and proposals in National Parks and other public lands.

Read more for more outdoor wedding proposals.

1. Nepal

“Proposed to my girlfriend New Years morning while on the ABC trek in Nepal,” said Reddit user yelruh00.

2. Glacier National Park

This surprise marriage proposal happened next to a waterfall and five bighorn sheep.

3. Norway


“Proposed to my girl in Norway. Thank you, traveler, for taking this awesome photo,” said Reddit user Poison_jelly.

4. Greenway

Reddit user msydes proposed to his fiancee with the camera rolling, capturing every awkward second before and adorable reaction after the proposal.

5. Aurora


This couple celebrated under an aurora.

6. Half-Dome

Redditor wabuson says he proposed to his “best friend and hiking companion” on the Half Dome.

7. Blue Ridge Parkway

This couple hiked up to the Thunder Hill Overlook located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Watch the virtual tour of Thunder Hill here!

8. Colorado

This guy told his now fiancee that he needed her for a video for work. Instead, he sets up an elaborate plan to propose. 9. Trees

Redditor thekidd142 proposed to his girlfriend of three years with the help of a friend and 100+ LED candles and jars. The details:

10. Tattoos

Not technically a proposal, but this is too good to leave off the list.

Redditor Claussm met, proposed to, and got married to his girlfriend on the Blue Ridge Mountains. Naturally, they got matching tattoos of their favorite place together.

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