We debunked the myths that keep campers inside during the winter, but let’s take a closer look at real experiences around the country. Campgrounds are still and the Camping subreddit is quiet during the winter, but these photos prove that winter camping is alive and out there.

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Instagram user @hlbphoto heads into 9°F with friends. Perks of winter camping: you can build a satisfying fire and keep it going all day and night long.

The warm glow of a healthy fire is more mesmerizing in the winter. The view from your tent can leave you more breathless than it would in the summer, thanks to the frozen lakes and blanketed mountains that appear and disappear within the same week.

You learn to get creative as you build camp, from stringing battery-powered lights around tarps to digging a snow pit for your fire. Winter camping demands creativity.

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Somehow snow makes everything look grander, from the stars to the mountains-

– and the feeling of successfully hiking up a mountain through the snow is phenomenal.

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Even in the summer, getting into a hammock after hiking in and setting up camp is relaxing, but you really feel like you deserve it in the winter.

And finally warming up after some cold hours is unbeatable.

Winter camping at Paradise   A photo posted by Jackie Arnal (@mountainjacks) on

You’re forced to plan ahead for the cold, resulting in well-researched techniques and gear you never would’ve imaged you’d ever try or own. You start to feel like this is more than a “good time” for you.

Winter surrounds your camp with a stillness like no other season. You can get lost in your own thoughts once you have a fire going.

Winter camping is a challenge like no other. Escape to the snowy mountains for one of the best adventures yet, and when you do – tell us all about it.

Happy travels!

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