If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, then you know a bee sting hurts and the pain can last hours after the initial sting.

First things first, check to make sure the stinger is removed as soon as possible because that can help reduce the amount of venom that is released. Then wash that area of the skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Once the area is clean, soothe the skin with some DIY remedies. Here are some relieving remedies to try if you or someone you know gets stung.

1.      Generously rub on Aloe Vera.
2.      Use some good old fashioned ice.
3.      Use baking soda to apply to the affected area, and then pour a few drops of vinegar over the baking soda until it fizzes. Leave the mixture until the pain subsides.
4.      Rub on a little deodorant.
5.      Cover the affected area with honey and let it sit.
6.      Dot the affected area with mustard and let it sit.
7.      Cover with toothpaste and leave until the pain is gone.
8.      Make a paste of Epsom salt and water and apply to the affected area.
9.      Apply a slice of fresh papaya to the area and let it sit.
10.  Apply crushed fresh basil leaves or parsley.


These remedies are meant to be tried for normal symptoms following a bee sting. Normal symptoms include pain, itchiness, a little swelling and redness. The pain can last up to a few hours. If the reaction seems more severe, please seek medical assistance.

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