Although many campers go camping to escape, there are free apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad that can make your hikes and trips easier and more successful. From emergency preparedness to personalized packing lists, this list has an app for nearly any situation.


1. MapMyHike (Website)

  • Map your route
  • Track your activity and workout
  • Log your food
  • Share with friends for encouragement and even friendly competition


2. AllTrails (Website)

  • Over 50,000 trails with reviews and photos
  • Over 3 million hikers, campers, and mountain bikers
  • Records your time, speed, and elevation
  • Creates custom maps and routes


3. Backpackr (Website)

  • Finds people nearby
  • Connects you to others in the backpacker community
  • Stamps your passport
  • Finds Travel Buddies


4. PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion (Website)

  • Checks the weather
  • Builds your custom packing list based on length of travel and the activities planned for your trip
  • Shares your list with other travelers


5. Pocket (Website)

  • Saves articles and videos for later
  • Allows you to view your saved content when you’re ready
  • Curated content saved directly in-app for offline viewing


6. Project Noah (Website)

  • Document nature findings
  • Share wildlife encounters
  • Helps scientist with ongoing research


7. MyRadar Weather Radar (Website)

  • Features include:
  • HD Radar
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Weather Alerts
  • Temperatures
  • Hurrican Tracking
  • Aviation Features
  • NOAA Alerts
  • Storm Tracking


8. First Aid by American Red Cross (Website)

  • Fully integrated with 911 so you can call EMS from the app at any time
  • Features include:
  • Simple step-by-step instructions that guide you through everyday first aid scenarios
  • Videos and animations to aid in understanding
  • Safety tips on anything, from severe winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes to help you prepare
  • Preloaded content for offline help
  • Interactive quizzes allowing you to earn badges you can share with friends


9. Ramblr (Website)

  • Records and shares your outdoor activity
  • Lets you see your route on a map with geotagged photos, videos, notes along with descriptions, states and more
  • You can share your trips on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Creates trips with a GPS file (gpx, mL) or track editor on


10. ViewRanger GPS (Website)

  • Contains a massive directory of routes all over the world
  • Allows access to maps of locations worldwide
  • Records and shares your adventures
  • Allows you to view your account and maps on four devices simultaneously
  • Plots your routes in-app or on your PC
  • Shares your real-time location with friends and family
  • Allows you to view your stats for every track recorded


11. Chimani National Parks (Website)

  • Works without wifi or data signal
  • Curates content based off of your interests and needs
  • Contains GPS enabled maps
  • Helps you plan your trip to more than 400 national parks, monuments, historic parks, and outdoor destinations


12. Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™ (Website)

  • Includes directory of thousands of national parks, state parks, national forests, wildlife refugees, and more public lands
  • Each location contains information on available activities
  • 20 different activities to choose from

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