1. The Cocoon Tree is a mix between a tent and a cabin that suspends in the air. This tent-hammock-cabin hybrid uses a water-resistant tarpaulin specifically designed for suspension. Hotels, resorts, private owners, and restaurants are buying this alternative to the traditional tent for at least $8,000 per Cocoon Tree.


2. The Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent is a combination of a hammock and a tent that comfortably fits up to three people. Designed using tear-resistant insect-mesh, this tree tent is durable and versatile. For extra coverage and space, hang three hammocks off of the three corner D-rings. This turns your tent into a multi-story shelter for up to six campers.


3. The VW Camper Van Tent is a great gift idea for campers who love camping and the nostalgia of 60s counterculture. This full-size replica of a 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van can hold four adults, with two zip-separated rooms for any necessary privacy.


4. The Quechua Pop-up Tent keeps tent set up easy and hassle-free with its record set up time of 2 seconds. This 1 person tent is waterproof, durable, and easy to repair, making it a simple companion for solo traveling.

heimplanet-title5. The Cave by Heimplanet is geometrically designed to withhold the toughest camping conditions. Its one-pump system reduces setup time to less than 1 minute, and its geodesic design allows for extreme stability.



6. FieldCandy Original Explorer tents are custom-made with creative designs that can make any camper stand out. The England-based company FieldCandy designs these unique tents in collaboration with brands and artists.


7. The Bikamper is a personal shelter for bicyclists that uses the bike and its front wheel instead of poles. This design reduces weight by using the bike as part of its structure. The Bikamper provides shelter for up to three adults, and it uses water- and tear-resistant fabrics for optimal durability.


8. POD Tents can connect to one another using interconnecting tunnels to create a village of tents. Each pod can shelter up to four adults. Check the photo above for the designs.


9. The Bubble Tent offers a 360-degree view of your surroundings. If you’re creeped out by the lack of privacy, opt for a half-transparent design. Alternative designs include beach-friendly and tree-suspended versions.


10. The Boomtent is a concept design that gives campers a night high above the ground in a secured, hammock-like shelter. This tree tent lifts one’s camping shelter off of the ground and above foraging animals.


11. The Foldavan by WoodenWidget is a bicycle camper’s companion. The caravan’s width is only as wide as most handlebars, allowing bicyclists to take the Foldavan anywhere their bike can go.

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12. The B-And-Bee honeycombs encourage community and keep campers and festival goers sheltered from the sun. Stack honeycombs together to sleep in a beehive.

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