1. Hammocks tend to be lighter than the average tent.

If you’re backpacking, you might want to consider trying a hammock on a future trip. Keep in mind, not all hammocks are created equal. There are some hammocks that outweigh lightweight tents. Like always, do your research and compare.

2. Hammocks are comfortable to sleep in.

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This is especially true for campers who prefer to sleep on their backs. Once you get used to sleeping in a hammock overnight, you will find that hammock camping is definitely worth it.

3. Caught in the rain? You’re covered with a hammock and a tarp.

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Hammocks can hold up just as well as tents in many conditions. Just beware of low hanging branches that could fall in a storm! Use hammocks under trees with lighter rainfall. Hammocks also allow you to avoid getting your tent muddy.

4. You can still go cold weather camping.

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If you’re new to hammock camping, I have one word for you: underquilts.

5. Now hammocks have the features tents have.

Courtesy of goodshomedesign.com
Courtesy of goodshomedesign.com

Like mosquito nets! You don’t have to worry about bugs or critters.

6. You have much less between you and your surroundings.

I’m sure some would consider this a detriment, but there’s nothing like having a cool breeze on you at night while you’re sleeping in a hammock outdoors.

7. You can make nearly any environment work.

You can’t pitch a tent on rocky terrain without sacrificing comfort or the condition of the tent’s bottom. Even without trees, you can still pitch your hammock. Get creative and suspend your hammock using boulders, rock formations, cars, and cacti.

8. Hammocks are versatile.


Don’t want to bring a chair, but want a place to sit at camp? Your hammock is part bed, part chair, and even part hot tub.

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  1. Samuel

    Those pics were really thrilling. Hammocks are really the best. It can be set anywhere and carried whenever and wherever we wish.

    1. Mary Heisey Listing Owner

      Absolutely! Hammocks are more versatile than they may seem, and when you do it right, you can go hammock camping comfortably in nearly any conditions.