Digital nomads leave their traditional 9-to-5 jobs for the freedom to work on their own terms. North to South, a travel blog, chronicles one couple as they travel the world as digital nomads.

Here are some of our favorite moments from their Instagram that make us go, wow, maybe this could happen to me. 

1.  Diana and Ian are self-employed. They’re able to work while traveling by running 4 websites while abroad. #lifegoals

2. They’re traveling the U.S. right now. Their Instagram account covers a different state every week.

Who can guess which state we’re in? HINT: Look for the wildlife! #NTSroadtrip2015

A photo posted by North To South • Diana + Ian (@dianasouth) on

3. They literally make money while looking for alligators (or crocodiles?) or sleeping, thanks to the power of the internet.

One of my favorite things about Georgia, by far, is these trees! What do you think of when you think of Georgia? #NTSroadtrip2015 #georgia A photo posted by North To South • Diana + Ian (@dianasouth) on

4. They visit parts of the country they haven’t seen before – every single week.

5. And their workday is comprised of writing and photography.

6. Right now they’re spending most of their time in the national parks. For. a. living.

7. Although they have certain cities on their destination list too. They’re all about living and traveling on a budget – that’s the best part.

8. They make it seem possible, especially when they share their Airbnb secrets.

9. They’re experiencing a lot of firsts – like their first time seeing the Aurora Borealis.

10. They’re growing together as a couple, too –

11. while they move forward together in their careers.

12. All while climbing trees or driving across state lines!

13. They start their work days with beautiful views and end in new states. This is the dream, and they made it a reality.

Thanks for the inspiration, Diana and Ian!

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  1. Michael Bailey

    It’s a nice story, but I never saw anything about how they actually make any money at this.