This week you learned how to actually pack your backpack for your next backpacking trip.

Now we’re happy to introduce the TripTarp, a tarp that doubles as a backpacking checklist so you never forget anything. You can win your own TripTarp from our Facebook Page – just enter now while it’s fresh in your mind because time’s running out!


Here are 10 times the TripTarp proved that it’s one of the best tarps on the market:

1. It’s easy to use. These ski coaches on a bike packing trip needed something quick and fuss-free for trailside lunches on the road. The TripTarp was what they needed for quick pitches whenever and wherever.

2. It’s versatile. Need a ground sheet? Some quick shade in the sun? A makeshift picnic blanket? You’re covered.

3. It’s not just for backpackers. Rock climber Ryan Paul uses the TripTarp to organize his rock climbing gear. With the TripTarp, it’s not all about backpackers. There’s plenty of love to go around.

4. It’s not even just for land outdoor sports. This surfer prepares for big waves in Mexico with the help of the TripTarp.

5. It keeps you organized. There’s plenty of room to lay out your gear to visualize what’s missing and what you’re loading into your pack.

6. It doesn’t cater to summer backpackers. Chris Rowe, the creative mind behind the TripTarp, knows folks backpack all year long. He even shares tips for cold weather trips.

7. It looks damn good. Get featured on the TripTarp Instagram by using the hashtag #GEARUPANDGO.

8. It’s made by someone who lives and breathes this stuff: for backpackers by backpackers.

9. It comes with a great reminder: “You don’t need everything, just everything you need.”

10. It’ll quickly become your #1 travel companion. Motorcycle trips, bike packing journeys, surfing in Mexico – the TripTarp seems to be down to go whenever you are.

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