This week has been all about the stars at Red Rover Camping. You already know the darkest parks in the United States for stargazing and how to find constellations during clear skies.

Let’s celebrate Friday with our favorite Instagram find this week, @theexpeditioners, also know as Roberto Gibbons Gomez. He travels with @expeditionersbella to find the most beautiful sights. Right now, they’re chasing the Northern Lights in Canada for #TheAuroraProject.

1. Capture special moments. @theexpeditioners aren’t afraid of a little public display of affection, but when they do it, they do it right.

2. Find something you have in common and take it to the extreme together. These two love paddle boarding in new waters.

There were days of sun… There were days of clouds.. Even a few with rain.. But the one constant were the Northern Lights.. When we arrived in Yellowknife almost a month ago- and told many a local that we were going on a sea kayaking expedition from YK all the way to the East Arm of Great Slave Lake– several told us it was folly.. The water is near freezing, the crossings often leave you several kilometers from shore, and the winds can whip up in the blink of an eye… and we were heading out at a time of year where the weather can be intense…and you know what…in many ways they are right– it is dangerous.. But after ten years of expeditions.. We’re as best prepared as one can be… And the reward?… Wonders in the sky like we’ve never seen before! #TheAuroraProject ? @expeditionersbella @westcomb | @blackrapid | @icebreakernz | @neckykayaks | InReachCanada | @goalzero

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3. Always have the next big thing planned. Plan a road trip across the country or international trip to another continent or buy tickets for a concert in a different city. Always have the next adventure within reach.

Love + Adventure = ✨ Stealing a kiss from @expeditionersbella on #TheAuroraProject ⛺ A photo posted by Roberto Gibbons Gomez (@theexpeditioners) on

4. Learn about each other on the road. Travel, get uncomfortable, and see what the other is made of.

5. Celebrate even the victories – no matter the size. Signed the lease on your first apartment together? Won trivia together? Break out the sparklers.

6. Go camping together. Try to track down the perfect spot you can return to together year after year.

7. Get lost together. Maybe you’ll find yourselves.

8. Watch the sunset and sunrise together within the same day. Stay up late talking and wake up early to continue the conversations.

9. Take time to appreciate what’s around you. Introduce each other to places that are special to you. Find new places to explore together.

10. Experience new things together. Make a list of things you want to do together before the year ends and take the challenge to complete every single one. This couple just does it.

11. Even in darkness, look for the light. If you can’t find it, make your own.

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