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Product Name: StrongVolt PowerBank Mini USB Battery Pack


  • Input: DC 5V-1000mAh
  • Output: DC 5V-1000mAh
  • Capacity: 4400mAh

Price: $34.99                            Days Used: 5

Weight: .26 lbs, or 4.16 oz.

At a Glance:


This Mini PowerBank packs a lot of punch. Small, compact, and efficient, any situation with a dead electronic and no outlet becomes no problem no matter where you find yourself.

photo 5-edited


I wouldn’t say my purpose behind camping is to escape, but I prefer to keep my phone tucked away for emergencies only. Toward the end of my last backpacking trip (which happened to have been my first), I succumbed to the trail and played podcasts to get me through the last five miles. I don’t typically use electronics while camping or hiking, but when I do, I’m very conservative with my battery. The PowerBank Mini USB Battery Pack solves this problem.

Use this battery pack to charge your iPhone, Android, camera, GPS, tablet, and other USB powered devices.

Ease of Use & Design

This product is very simple to use. The package comes with the battery pack, a manual guide, and a USB charging cable. Mine came fully charged, which you can tell by the blue LED lights.


1 LED on: 10-25% power
2 LEDs on: 25-50% power
3 LEDs on: 50-75% power
4 LEDs on: 75-100% power

Expect to get 2.5 full charges out of this pack before it quits on you, which seems appropriate for its size.

This is not waterproof. This is very important for campers and backpackers to know. Treat it like your other electronics that aren’t waterproof. This is the biggest downside of the PowerBank Mini for campers, unfortunately.

The PowerBank Mini has a built-in flashlight. I wouldn’t depend on it as my source of light while camping at night (an iPhone flashlight has a stronger beam by far), but it’s a feature:



This pack is way smaller than other packs I’ve seen on the market. It weighs in at .26 lbs. or 4.16 ounces. If you’re backpacking or going ultralight, you have to weigh (no pun intended) the advantages and disadvantages to discern whether the 4 ounces are worth it.

Like I mention above, this pack does include a built-in LED light. With a charged smartphone, you probably have a flashlight. With these two alternatives, you could ditch a flashlight entirely.

Personally, I would pack this for an overnighter if I anticipate using my phone, like for photos and videos. If I’m out for more than a night, I would bring it along for emergencies. Keep in mind a charged PowerBank Mini is good for 2.5 full charges.

Best Uses

This product is good for so many different situations. I’m in the habit of dropping it into my bag just to have it around. It’s been great on my commute and in coffeeshops where I’m not conveniently next to an outlet. I’ve charged my dying phone by connecting it to the PowerBank in my bag while I biked.

photo 3-edited

For camping, it’s great for shorter trips without very little exposure to rain or water. I can see a camper who enjoys using their phone or camera while camping really enjoy this product.

Consider investing in one for travel. That’s when I’ve been in some hairy situations.

The Bottom Line

I don’t think I would have invested in a PowerBank on my own, but it’s very useful to have. I recommend this product to campers who enjoy using their phones or cameras while camping, especially for photography, taking videos, and playing music. Ultralight campers may enjoy its compact size compared to competitors. It’s great for anyone on the go who gets in dead phone-related situations.

(Like this review? Want your own StrongVolt swag? Enter to win a StrongVolt FireStick: USB Electronic Lighter from Red Rover Camping. Time’s running out, so enter now in 2 easy steps!)

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