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Product Name: GSI Outdoors Halulite Tea Kettle

Materials: Halulite hard anodized alloy, Silicone

Features: Ultralight metal, silicone coated handles

Testing Environments: Camping

Price: $22.95                            Days Used: 1

At a Glance:

When I got my hands on the GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle, I thought the box was empty because it was so lightweight. The 1-quart was big enough to pack a small gas tank and stove inside but small enough to stuff into a backpack without taking up much space. This kettle holds 1-2 cups of water, and the spout pours well. The surface of the kettle gets very hot, but I could maneuver it by using the handles. At times the handles were hard to move, and I was hesitant to use the kettle over an open fire due to the silicone coating.



As an avid tea drinker, I can’t think of a better way to start off a camping day than rolling out of my sleeping bag and wrapping my hands around a hot cup of tea. The GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle is the perfect fix for my tea addiction. Lightweight and just the right size, this 1-quart kettle boils enough water for a cup or even a day’s thermos.

camping tea kettle ultralight gear gsi outdoors
Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

On my camping trip, I packed up a small gas stove and a box of matches inside the kettle to keep everything together. The size and weight make this an easy, grab-and-go kettle for any type of camping trip, no matter whether you’re car camping or backpacking. I boiled water in only a couple minutes, and there was very little cleanup required.

Ease of Use & Design

gsi outdoors tea kettle grass camping boiling water
Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

This tea kettle works like any other kettle: fill with water, put on stove, and wait for water to boil. The GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle is straightforward and keeps things simple with only the necessary features. Although the kettle gets very hot, the silicone-coated handles stay cool, making holding and pouring easy. The handles’ grooves hold them into place, helpful for pouring water. Unfortunately, sometimes the handles stick, making them difficult to fold up and down.

Like any good kettle, the spout pours water smoothly and slowly. As a camping kettle, this was just small enough to fit on top of a small gas stove. I found nothing complicated, misleading, or difficult about using this kettle, and it’s definitely a new addition to my camping checklist.

gsi outdoors tea kettle small gas stove camping boiling water
Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter


At roughly $23, this kettle is worth the price. When I’m looking for gear, I ask myself if I would use the product once for every dollar it costs, and I can definitely see myself use this kettle 23 times. I usually use a larger Titanium kettle to boil water while camping, but this Halulite kettle is lighter, smaller, and much more convenient. Its weight and size won’t take up valuable space when packing light and it boils water quickly to save time. While it’s advertised as a tea kettle, it’s more versatile than that. Use it for any situation that requires hot water. I’ve had countless chilly mornings and evenings while camping, and sitting around a fire with a cup of tea or hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up.

gsi outdoors tea kettle size small gas stove camping
Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

The Bottom Line

Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter
Courtesy of Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

This kettle is so convenient and lightweight that I can’t imagine purposefully leaving it at home. I highly recommend this to campers who like to start their mornings or wind down their evenings with a hot cup of tea. It’s a great value that should reign at the top of every tea-drinker’s packing checklist or gear wish list.

This kettle survived getting thrown around in my backpack, proving that it’s reliable for the everyday, rough-and-tough camping or backpacking lifestyle. Its lightweight design doesn’t counteract its durability, and while it’s not the most versatile product, boiling water is key for any camping trip. The GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle is my new go-to for camping and backpacking cooking.

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