I stumbled across this adorable craft on making little leaf animals, but there were no instructions so I thought I’d make this craft myself and write up step by step directions! This craft is perfect for an autumn camping trip with kids or after a hike.

You will need:
– Leaves
– Glue

– Scissors
– Paint Brush
– Pen/Marker


On your hike, pick up leaves. The best leaves are strong but flexible. Leave behind any floppy or brittle ones to make your life easier. You can either have animals in mind that you want to make and collect leaves that would work for your animal of choice, or you can collect the best leaves and create animals from your selection.

collecting leaves-edited

Lay out your leaves. Start placing leaves together to create your animal. After some shifting, little feet appeared, then a head, and a shell:


Happy? Start gluing. I recommend using rubber cement with a brush to cut down on mess and waste.



Add more to make your animal come to life.

turtle tree-edited

Press with some books. Wait at least 5 minutes for good measure.


Voila! You’ve made your first leafy creature. Now go make another!


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