You know at least one: flannels-to-work wearing techie with a thirst for craft beer and fair-trade coffee from Guatemala.

So what do you call them? The New York Times prefers the term yipsters (hipster + yuppie), while Mashable calls them yuccies (instead of young urban professionals, young urban creatives). We’re using lumbersexuals because they’re all of these things – just in our woods.

It’s fine that they’re there. They’re just enjoying the great outdoors. But like with anything wild, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when camping with a lumbersexual:

1. Accept that they won’t fully disconnect.

travel app instructional video guide hand android walkthrough hand

Take a hipster’s creativity and combine it with the greed of a yuppie, and you’re getting closer to the lumbersexual. They won’t want to “sell out” per se, but they want to be able to afford the finer things in life, like tattoo sleeves, the latest Apple gadgetry, and health insurance.

How do they manage to balance it all? By creating an app or Kickstarter invention. They’ve made their living plugged in – don’t expect things to change.

2. They’ve probably made an app or invention related to camping.

fireside provisions get started
Screenshot of Fireside Provisions Website

Campfire food delivered straight to your door. Airbnb for camping. Mini wind turbines to charge your phone in the boonies. A candle lantern that converts heat from the flame as energy. They might use this camping trip as a photo-op for some new video ads, so beware.

3. They’re going to Instagram the shit out of your trip. 

  And it’s going to look amazing. They secretly might have brought along a selfie stick or their GoPro. Just let them have their moment.

4. They might get a little weird about their beard.

axe shave camping lumbersexual Challenge them to shave with an ax to make the obsession at least entertaining.

5. Things might get a little glampy… glamping tent yurt “Oh, this isn’t what you meant by a tent?”

6. …and a little pretentious. lumbersexual pondering woods axe flannel Don’t expect ghost stories around the fire. How about philosophical banter or a new startup brainstorming session?

7. What they wear camping is the same as what they wear to work.

Men’s fashion trends: Fall 2014 by @jlsheds and @kieranroy #lumbersexual A photo posted by Kieran Roy (@kieranroy) on

  Flannel, flannel, and more flannel. They would love something like this.

8. The last time they went camping was probably at Bonnaroo

camping meme pun in tents intense

Either way, it was stinky.

9. Stick with car camping because they will bring a lot of gear.

It might feel like you’ve stepped into REI. Just enjoy that you didn’t spend your own money on any of this.

Wanna review gear for Red Rover Camping?

10. You may be involved in a rager.

You won’t chug that many PBRs, but get ready for some craft beers you’ve never heard of.

All in all, it won’t be bad. Just give them a few pointers and hide their phones.

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