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sea to summit dry sack berry 2 litre kayak fishing supplies

Product Name: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack (2 Litre)

Materials: 30 Denier Cordura nylon

Price: $14                            Days Used: 3

At a Glance:

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This little dry bag has a lot of punch, giving my old rubber dry bag a run for its money. Comes in multiple sizes and colors.

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As a kayak angler, I come into contact with water of all forms: lakes, rivers, rain, sleet, snow. Another factor I have to consider is weight, as my primary form of propulsion is my own two arms.

I usually keep a dry bag in the hatch on my FeelFree Moken. I used a large, heavy rubber dry bag, more suited to whitewater rafting. I would stow emergency gear such as rope, extra pliers, a knife, and duct tape, and in the winter a fire kit, towel, and some dry clothes (cold water can be deadly). However, with the dog days of summer, I realized I don’t need so much stuff.

This is where the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil comes in handy. I’m able to carry everything I need (minus cold weather emergency items) with extra room for my keys, wallet, and a roll of toilet paper! In the winter I’ll probably go back to my big heavy bag to accommodate the additional items, but I can throw the Sea to Summit sack into my bag instead of using multiple ziplocks or having random stuff rattling around in the bottom.

Weight and Ease of Use/Design

sea to summit drysack berry 2 liter litre baby submersion review waterproof dry bagThis thing’s unbelievably light and flexible, even compared to other similarly-sized dry bags I’ve seen. While not designed for submersion, I dunked it into water a few times to see just how waterproof it is. After spending about a minute under a few inches of water, there was no water in the bag.

The only real downside was the lack of a loop or D-ring to accommodate a carabiner or piece of rope to lash it down. This isn’t a huge issue for me as I can simply run the clip through a spot on my tackle crate (an old milk crate) and it stays put within reach.sea to summit dry sack berry 2 litre kayak fishing gear bag

Durability and Versatility

Sea to Summit touts the toughness of this featherweight drysack. Cordura fabric is known for being tough as nails, and this product is no exception. I’m confident that this will last me several seasons of use before beginning to show wear.

sea to summit dry sack kayak fishing under seat reviewUnfortunately, the plastic buckle used to secure the roll-top closure seems flimsy. I think if the bag featured a D-ring this wouldn’t be a huge problem. I recommend being careful when attaching the bag to anything.

Seeing as how dry bags are useful for most outdoor activities, I’ll keep this Ultra-Sil Drysack on hand for future backpacking and hiking trips. I’m even considering picking up extra Drysacks for other uses.

Best Uses

Even though I use this mostly for kayak fishing, this bag would work well for recreational boaters who just need something to keep their wallet, keys, and phone dry and out of the way. Hikers planning on encountering wet weather can protect any sensitive electronics (like cameras or a GPS) by throwing the Dry Sack in their daypacks. Really, the uses are endless.

sea to summit berry ultra-sil dry sack review
Courtesy of Powers Wartman

The Bottom Line

My final appraisal of the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack? I give it a high 10/10 overall. It’s a great product in a less-than-riveting category of gear, but any outdoors person knows that even the small things can have a big impact on your experiences. It pays to have quality items to protect your belongings and help you go the extra mile in your adventures.

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