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Every camper or backpacker needs to know the 10 Essentials, according to REI:


1. Navigation

When your phone runs out of battery or loses signal, you need something reliable to lead the way. Know to how navigate with a map and a compass before you embark.

2. Sun Protection

When backpacking, you’re in the elements for days. Sun protection includes sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and the right clothing.

3. Insulation

Know how to become dry and warm as soon as possible if camping in the rain. Layers, blankets, and sleeping bags are all forms of insulation.

4. Illumination

Pack lightly! Find the most lightweight flashlights, or invest in multi-purpose light sources, like beanie headlamps or bug repellent candles.

5. First-aid Kid

Consider how many people will camp with you when buying a new kit. Make sure it has the basics: bandages of various sizes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting ointment, and pain medication. Add tweezers in case of splinters.

6. Fire Starters

Bring whatever you need to build a fire, like lighters or firestarters. Consider buying waterproof matches.

7. Repair Tools

Invest in at least one solid multipurpose tool with a knife, screwdriver, can and bottle opener, and scissors. Bring other multipurpose inventions. Some swear by duct tape, but we’re intrigued by Sugru.

8. Nutrition

This is in addition to the food you’ve already packed. Bring an extra day’s worth of food per person.

9. Hydration

You know to bring at least 1 water bottle, but do you know to bring something to treat water, like a purifier or chemical treatment?

10. Shelter

Of course campers know to bring some sort of shelter (not necessarily a tent!), but this one goes out to those backcountry day hikers. If you’re injured on a hike, you’ll at least have an emergency space blanket or even a trash bag to keep you warm and covered.

So what’s missing in the photo below?


Answer: there’s no shelter!


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