Baubax, based in Chicago, bypassed their goal more than 80 times. Raising over 1.5 million dollars, their Travel Jacket became the most backed clothing crowdfunding campaign of all time. Equipped with 15 different features, this has been not so jokingly called the Swiss army knife of jackets. Travelers on airplanes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this jacket. Here are some highlights from a camping perspective.

baubax travel jacket camping campfire tent

Built-In Gloves

Between extinguishing the fire and finding warmth in my sleeping bag, my hands get cold. There are plenty of hacks (my guide to camping in the rain is full of tips on how to get dry and warm as soon as possible), but a jacket with built-in gloves could work perfectly for campers. Unless I’m camping in the winter, I never pack gloves, but even in the desert or in the summer, temperatures can drop uncomfortably at night. I’d like to see how these gloves actual hold up aside from airplane or train cold.

Hand Warming Pockets

Even when you expect colder weather, this jacket could come in handy. Baubax says the bomber works well in 45°F. Depending on how the bomber feels, it could work for campers to sleep in.

Blanket Pocket

For an added $25, you could add a pocket blanket to your jacket order. 40×60, this small blanket could work well for petite campers. Anyone else might have a hard time making it practical, but if you just need something to cover you in a pinch, this might work.

Neck Pillow/Detachable Pillow

This neck pillow inflates in two seconds. Not sure how comfortable it is, but apparently it’s detachable too; the website is a little vague on this feature. I could see this work in a hammock especially.

Koozie Drink Pocket

Part of me thinks this feature is ridiculous, but another part is imagining using it in real life on a future camping trip.

Microfiber Cloth and Sunglasses Pocket

Another nice touch, although I’d fear accidentally smashing my glasses during a bear hug as the pocket is located over the chest. Of course, this isn’t just applicable to sunglasses; any adventurer who needs to wear glasses off and on can benefit from this. No need to wear your glasses around your neck or on your head.

All in all, this travel jacket has potential for campers. In their video and on their Kickstarter page, they specifically include campers as a target audience. What do you think? Can you see this jacket becoming a camping staple? Or do you think some of the features are irrelevant to how you camp? Tell us in the comments below!

Courtesy of Baubax

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