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tasc performance island green bamboo merino elevation t shirtProduct Name: Bamboo+Merino_18.5 Elevation T

Materials: 66% Viscose from Bamboo, 29% Merino, 5% Elastane

Features: asymmetrical stitching/styling, moisture wicking material, sun protection (UPF 50), very fast drying, reflective logo – see more here!

Testing Environments: Hiking (both warm and hot days), general everyday wear, intensive kayak fishing, sleeping

Price: $80                           Days Worn: 7

Highlights: This wonderful piece of clothing is well-made, well-designed, and most importantly comfortable. It can be worn anywhere for any activity, from sleeping to adventuring.

Likes: I love that this shirt is so good at regulating temperature. This is true of all the tasc Performance clothing I own, but this one in particular takes the cake.

Dislikes: Sometimes sweat would show through after just a small amount of activity, but this may be due to the color (Island Green). The reflective logo fell off after one washing, following care recommendations.

Ratings: 1 (worst), 10 (best)
1. Quality (of Materials) 10/10
2. Mobility & Comfort 10/10
3. Warmth & Weight 8/10
4. Functionality (Fabric & Performance) 9/10
5. Fit & Sizing 10/10
6. Value 6/10
7. Design & Protection (Weather Protection) 7/10
8. Breathability 7/10
9. Polygiene and Odor 8/10
10. Durability 7/10


I have been wearing tasc Performance since discovering them about a year ago through a friend. It seems like everything they make is well thought out, comfortable, and durable. If I were to be examined by a marketer, I would probably fall in with the “adventurer” type of customer, and most of my tasc Performance purchases fit that description. Long sleeves and collars for sun protection, vented shirts, and things that flow in the wind and provide good circulation are important to me, so I was somewhat surprised when I received the Elevation T which looked like something you wear jogging.

Fabric and Performance

The first thing I noticed about the Elevation T was how well it regulates temperature. If you’re hot, it feels cool (especially with a good breeze). If you’re a bit chilly, it keeps your core at a comfortable temperature. As I received the shirt at the start of what ended up being a hotter than average spring, followed now by a scorching summer, this was very important.

One of the toughest days I tested the shirt was kayak fishing. When I go fishing I’m typically on the water for 6-10 hours, and this was no exception. Sitting in the hot sun on a 90 degree day on Mountain Island Lake halfway through hour 6, a slight breeze picked up. I actually got goosebumps, reminding me of how cool this shirt kept me despite the heat.

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Quality and Durability

Like other tasc Performance clothing I’ve worn, the Elevation T is well-made. The stitching is neat and effective. The fabric is well cut and spun, the tags are comfortable, and the crew neck is not itchy, despite the tight fit. Even having an asymmetrical seam design didn’t affect the comfort of the shirt as it was well-designed.
There were just two small negatives I found when it came to the durability. The first is that the reflective logo, given as a feature on the tasc Performance website, fell off after only one run through the washing machine. I followed the prescribed care directions and hung it to dry (didn’t want to compromise the Merino), yet it still fell off just after putting it on for the second time.

The second downside is that the fabric isn’t the toughest out there. My other tasc Performance gear seems average, yet this shirt shows some piquing and runs after a few run-ins with brambles while hiking. It also seemed to attract anything in nature that wanted to stick to me, like burrs and seeds.

The Bottom Line

My final appraisal of the Elevation T from tasc Performance? I give it 9/10 overall. Only losing points for the aforementioned problems, as well as the steep price ($80 for a t-shirt?) it’s a comfortable, durable, and all around well designed garment which I feel anyone leading an active lifestyle could benefit from owning.

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