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tasc performance long sleeve
Courtesy of Cua Lao

Product Name: Aspire LS T

Materials: 55% Organic Cotton, 40% Viscose from Bamboo, and 5% Elastane

Price: $60                            Size Tested: Medium

This long-sleeve shirt by tasc Performance is a result of “bamboo performance technology,” a fascinating new trend of making clothing from bamboo. The process involves an incredibly eco-friendly procedure. Traditional polyester clothes are derived from petroleum and other performance clothing has chemical additives. This bamboo technology provides a natural alternative with high quality results.

Likes Dislikes
Color Thumb holes
Feel of the fabric, lightweight material
Eco-Friendly and natural
Ratings: 1 (worst), 10 (best)
1. Quality of Materials 10/10
2. Mobility & Comfort 9/10
3. Warmth & Weight 10/10
4. Functionality (Fabric & Performance) 10/10
5. Fit & Sizing 9/10
6. Value 10/10
7. Design & Protection (Weather Protection) 10/10
8. Breathability 10/10
9. Polygiene and Odor 10/10
10. Durability 10/10
tasc performance tag wooden bamboo
Courtesy of Allison Stalberg

Warmth and Weight

What I liked most about my Aspire LS T was how it felt. The shirt was as light as a feather against my skin. It’s thin, stretchy, and strong, making it perfect for trips. It’ll take up little space in your backpack or luggage. In the hot North Carolina weather (usually between the high 80s and low 90s where I am), I felt protected by the sun. I was surprised that I wasn’t dying from the heat with long sleeves, a major benefit of the thin and lightweight material.


Courtesy of Allison Stalberg, edited by Cua Lao

My one nit-picky criticism was the thumb holes in the sleeves. When I used these, my thumbs felt like they were constantly pulling at the shirt. Of course using those holes are optional, so no harm done really. It did confuse me a little because I wondered if the sleeves were too short for me, a tall woman of 5’11.

Best Uses

I definitely recommend the orange version of the shirt for biking or any sport in which visibility is important. The striking color makes it possible to spot you from a far distance. As stated before, this is a good shirt to take if you want to pack light so it’s awesome for camping. Also if you plan a long trip, it takes a long time to start smelling as well, so it’ll last before needing to wash. I found the mobility and skin-touching fit suitable for yoga and other body-bending activities.

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