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tasc Performance Pace Racer Tank Top
Courtesy of Cua Lao

Product Name: Pace Racer

Materials: 51% Organic Cotton, 41% Viscose from Bamboo, 8% Lycra

Features: a shelf bra with removable cups, binding at neck and armholes, yarn-dyed stripes, and a reflective logo – see more here!

Price: $54                            Days Worn: 3

At a Glance: When the package first arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging the item arrived in: very light weight and low on plastic use. I liked the tag because it looked like bamboo! The top itself was neatly folded and I immediately was drawn to the bright turquoise color. The top definitely looked like how it was shown online.

Likes Dislikes
Color Price
Feel of the fabric; very soft yet durable Length
Breathability Warmth
Built-in bra Removable cups


Ratings: 1 (worst), 10 (best)
1. Quality (of Materials) 10/10
2. Mobility & Comfort 9/10
3. Warmth &amp 9/10
4. Functionality (Fabric & Performance) 9/10
5. Fit & Sizing 10/10
6. Value 7/10
7. Design & Protection (Weather Protection) 10/10
8. Breathability 8/10
9. Polygiene and Odor 10/10
10. Durability 9/10


To give you some context, I’m 5’7″ and weigh 125 lbs. I have a pretty active lifestyle and enjoy yoga, running, biking and swimming and love simple and comfortable clothes that can keep up with my body’s movement.

I wore the Pace Racer top for a bike ride in Northampton, Massachusetts. The bike ride started from a local neighborhood, which lead to a paved bike path going through the woods. The weather was hot but with a refreshing breeze. Another adventure that I wore the shirt for was for a kayak paddle in Ashford, Connecticut on a local lake. This day was much cooler and a bit rainy. I also wore the Pace Racer top the following day which was very sunny and hot. The results of both days differed. On the cooler day, the shirt was perfect and I really liked the length and comfort of the shirt. On the hotter day, the shirt was a bit too hot for me and I wished that it was shorter and thinner.

Functionality and Performance

As I have mentioned above, I wore the shirt on three different adventures. The first was the bike ride. When I first put the Pace Racer on, I really thought that it was a bit too long for me. It seemed too long to be a shirt but too short to be a dress, and I didn’t really want to be working out in a dress anyway. I ended up wearing the top with some basic leggings and headed out on a bike ride.

The top provided me with very nice support thanks to the built-in bra and the shirt overall fit me very well and looked nice (I really liked the color). I loved how the Pace Racer stayed in place as I biked and covered my lower back. The day wasn’t very hot so I found the shirt to be quite nice.

tasc Performance Pace Racer Tank Top Kayak Shirt Paddle Lake
Courtesy of Subhadra Semetaite

For my weekend, I wore the top on two different days while kayaking for a few hours. The first day was cool and a bit rainy and I wore the Pace Racer with long high-waisted cotton leggings and a fitted cotton jacket. I liked how the top overlapped with my leggings and I felt very comfortable and ready for adventure. As I was paddling on the lake, the top really moved with me and felt like a second protective skin. The fabric was very soft and comfy and kept me warm even while the rain was starting to mist more and the temperature decreased. I loved the racer back and how my arms felt free as I rowed.

The next day that I wore the top was very sunny and warm. I wore the Pace Racer with some short-fitted spandex athletic shorts and headed out on the water. Again the shirt provided me with comfort and support and moved with me and I never had to readjust. The fabric felt as if it had shaped around me and was protective and relaxing. The tasc Performance website says the Pace Racer has UPF 50+ skin protection and I would agree this to be true. I felt cooler while I was wearing the shirt at first and did not get sun burned. However, as the day got hotter and I was beginning to sweat, I began to feel uncomfortable and wished the fabric was lighter and thinner. I feel like Pace Racer is best for warm, but not hot days because I felt as if my body heat was being trapped in the shirt which was uncomfortable.

Fitting and Size:

I normally wear size small in women’s tops and when I first tried on the Pace Racer, I really liked the way the shirt adjusted to my body type. I think the vertical seams are my favorite feature because I am quite slim and have a small waist and sometimes struggle to find workout tops that fit my waist closely. The front and back vertical seams really adapted well with my body and stayed in place as I biked or paddled.

I also really loved the built-in sports bra because it was soft, very supportive and comfortable but I wasn’t a huge fan of the removable cups. When I would first put on the Pace Racer, they would shift out of place and I would have to readjust. However, when I would fix them, the cups would stay in place and were comfortable and supportive throughout my activities. One downside to the fitting however, was that the bottom bust elastic of the sports bra was a bit too tight for me after a few hours of wear. I’m not sure if the elastic will stretch out a bit over time, but for me this was the biggest problem because it made the top uncomfortable.

Overall though, I loved the way the Pace Racer looked on me and I felt very prepared and content as I wore the top. The Pace Racer provided me with style, comfort, protection, and fun in my activities.

tasc Performance Pace Racer Tank Top on Kayak Shirt Paddle
Courtesy of Subhadra Semetaite

Further Topics:

Something I have mentioned before was that I didn’t particularly like the length of the Pace Racer on me. I enjoyed the top on cooler days but found it too warm on hot days and wished the fabric was thinner. These were personal preferences though and I feel like some people may really enjoy the length of the Pace Racer and may find the fabric fine for hot days.

The best uses of this top would be for:

  • Cooler or mild weather
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Paddling
  • Running
  • Dog walking
  • Camping

The Bottom Line:

While the website says the Pace Racer is great for any type of activity, “…even sleeping,” I don’t think this is entirely true. I think the top works best for days that are a bit cooler and I wouldn’t want to sweat too much in it.

For me, the top traps body heat, which is not something I would want while running or sleeping. Perhaps someone that is trying to lose weight from extra heat might like this feature though, or would enjoy the Pace Racer in a hot Bikram Yoga class! For me, I think the Pace Racer would be perfect for yoga, hiking trips or paddling on the water or maybe even going for a long dog walk; any type of steady activity is perfect for this item because it stays with you; you don’t have to readjust it once its on. I definitely see the Pace Racer as more of a spring or fall article of clothing, or great for an early morning run but not a mid-summer day workout piece.

The Pace Racer overall did provide me with UPF sun protection and was very form fitting, soft and moved with me throughout the day. The top felt temperature regulating (until it got too hot in the day) like listed on the website which was nice. I loved the color and feel of the fabric and was an overall fan of this product despite a few of its features (like the length or the tightness of the bra).

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    Very helpful review Subhadra for my wife and I. We are in the planning phase for a few trips this Fall. Appreciate the feedback on this product!