Track your favorite days and they’ll lead you back to memories of past summers: spontaneous road trips crossing over state lines, late nights watching warm and intense storms on porches, applying and reapplying layers and layers of sunscreen between cannonballs into the pool. Imagine this summer and you probably have an attractive travel companion in mind! Here are our ideas for your summer of love:

Spend an entire day at an amusement park.

From the moment they open, down to the last five minutes before they close, run around the closest amusement park. This is a splurge date, but it’s so worth it. See if your park has sunset hours for a nice discount and go later in the day until closing. Waiting in line will give you plenty of time to talk, and with so much going on, you’ll have so much to talk about.

Cuddle up during a drive-in movie.

This is your quintessential summer date night. Pack a car with friends for a double or triple date since they will charge you by vehicle. Go alone as a couple and bring some blankets. Have a truck? Put padding or a mattress topper in the bed of the truck for maximum comfort and cuddle time. Pick a double feature for twice the fun.

Take a road trip together.

You can learn the most about someone from long car rides and hairy situations. What comes out when they’re delirious from driving for over 10 hours? How do they hold up when your car breaks down, or your plans completely change? Extra points if you like their DJ skills! Visit each other’s hometowns and get the full tour. Pick a city neither of you have been to before and explore.

Go camping.

friends around campfire in the summer

Show off your wilderness skills and see who can build a better fire. Make dinner together with just a skillet and your campfire, and enjoy the stars with some gourmet s’mores. Just don’t get poison oak or poison ivy! A month of itchiness, bad skin, and no physical contact would definitely put a damper on your summer romance. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Write your own bucket list together just for you two.

Make it personal, place-specific, and catered to your relationship. Just getting to know each other? Start making the list separately and come back together to see what you each want out of the summer. If you’re celebrating yet another summer together, pick things that force you out of your routine or comfort zone.

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