Take a hike along a trail that means something to dad.

Think long and hard: are there any hiking trails that have special meaning to your family? Take dad hiking along a path you remember from when you were a kid that you haven’t visited for years, or along a creek he used to play in when he was young. Plus, you’ll have a unique memory that was very inexpensive to make!

Does he love to bike, camp, and cook? Get him this book.

Bike. Camp. Cook. by Tara Alan from GoingSlowly.com is the “hungry cycle tourist’s guide to slowing down, eating well, and savoring life on the open road.” This cookbook is perfect for the adventurous dad who loves food and makes meals outdoors – great for cyclists, kayakers, campers, and boaters alike.

 Give him your time.

Make him a promise this year of taking one adventure with him. Save up your PTO and clear your calendars to give him your undivided attention. Plan a trip with the two of you or with your whole family. If he can’t get around quite like he used to, rent out a cabin for the weekend. If he’s retired and it’s only strengthened his travel bug, commit to hiking a major trail or explore a new country together.

Invest in his transformation into a real lumberjack.

Create a homemade firewood tote. Splurge and surprise him with one of those super efficient firewood axes (plus, Leveraxe USA has a 20% off discount for Father’s Day). Oh, and steal his razors so he grows out his beard. That one’s more for you than for him.

Create a Spotify playlist with a theme.

If he hikes, find songs about mountains. Is he more of a runner or cyclist? Find upbeat songs that will keep him going. If he’s not technologically savvy, give him a quick tutorial (“How do I find Bruce Springsteen?”).

Hopefully this list will help you think of what would work for your Father’s Day that’s inexpensive and unique. If you can, try to get outside with him for Father’s Day – from a short hike near his house to a weekend camping trip. Happy Father’s Day!

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