If you’ve ever camped with anyone with a sweet tooth, you know that s’mores are serious business. The debate over the how long to roast  marshmallow to get the perfect consistency causes rifts between friends. Personally, I like to stick my marshmallow right into the center of the flame so the outside is charred, leaving the inside nice and gooey.  My mother, on the other hand, would take about ten minutes to assemble her s’more while I had already scarfed down two and was working on my third.

She claims my marshmallow roasting habits stem from a lack of patience, but I think it’s actually from watching the flames swallow up the marshmallow and then scraping it, burnt but gooey, off the stick with the side of a graham cracker. I’ve found that my mom and I represent the two drastically different marshmallow roasting camps: slow and steady, and rushed and uneven.

In my opinion, when there’s a campfire, there should be s’mores. While I’ve never gotten bored with the traditional s’more, I became curious of ways to improve the anatomy of the s’more. Here’s a list of variations you should try this summer:

  1. Use dark chocolate, white chocolate, or bittersweet chocolate.
  2. Or replace the typical chocolate bar with a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream chocolate bar.
  3. Use chocolate bars with filling, like the Ghirardelli squares if you’re feeling gourmet.
  4. Use a peanut butter cup instead of chocolate.
  5. Or just smother on a layer of peanut butter on the graham crackers.
  6. Put an Oreo in between the graham crackers.
  7. Replace original honey graham crackers with chocolate ones.
  8. Smear caramel sauce on the inside of the graham crackers.
  9. Or spread Nutella on the inside of the graham crackers.
  10. Sub out the graham crackers with two homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  11. Use a Thin Mint instead of chocolate (perfect for your next Girl Scout camping trip!).
  12. Or if it’s not Girl Scout cookie season, use mint flavored chocolate.
  13. Add in some fruit. Cut up strawberries or bananas.
  14. Spread on some jam. Raspberry or apricot jelly would add to the sweetness.
  15. If you’re like me and need to justify eating a s’more for breakfast you can also slap on a strip of bacon and call it a day.

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