This interesting innovation finally gives us what we’ve been waiting for: a sandwich in a can. Flavors include PB&J Grape, PB&J Strawberry, and Honey BBQ – with a complimentary Laffy Taffy in every can.

The Great Sleeping Bear
Courtesy of Eiko Ishizawa

This sleeping bag was inspired by a real event from 2006 when a bear came into Bavaria, becoming the first wild bear the country had seen in nearly 170 years. Creator and artist Eiko Ishizawa hopes this sculpture causes people to see a “little human face in his mouth” – do you?

Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

With enough room for you and another, this sleeping bag is a cuter alternative to the average sleeping bag for two.

Pro tip: You’ll probably get better sleep if you wear one alone and zip up to someone else.

Pocket Shower
Courtesy of Opulent Items

Can’t go without a shower, even in backcountry? Holding 2.5 gallons, this pocket shower offers 8-minute showers for wherever you are.The black fabric absorbs the sun’s heat, warming the water for you.

Ferret Camping Set

Ferrets have a “natural sense of adventure,” according to the folks over at Marshall Pet Products, making this the perfect gift for that outdoors enthusiast/ferret owner you know.

The Deuce of Spades™ Outdoor Latrine Trowel

TheTentLab designed this deceptively strong towel to dig into the toughest dirt for whenever and wherever nature calls. Aside from scooping, uses include opening a beer bottle and building the best sandcastle ever.

Flex™ 4 System

At 3 lbs, this compact cook system nestles 4 deep plates, 4 mugs, a strainer, and 2 aluminum pots together. This leans more towards necessary than frivolous.

Deluxe Outdoor Oven

This one takes the fire out of campfire and leaves you with a fully functional oven. Try a fire starter and cast iron skillet for similar results without spending $300.

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Now you can bring everything with you camping – including the kitchen sink. Some claim this sink conserves water, while others use it as a dog bowl.

Swisschamp XAVT
Courtesy of Victorinox

Owning this Swiss Army Knife with 80 different tools would certainly make you the Swisschamp. With features ranging from a digital clock with a built-in thermometer to a Fish Scaler with a hook disgorger, you could have it all for only $524.00.

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