Last week’s podcast of episode 5, was one of my favorites as I love to compare RV’s. What makes them different? What makes them stand out from one another? Well, when I first started the RV life I really didn’t know much of anything but now that years have gone by, I’ve learned a lot like most RV’ers out there traveling and shopping for a newer camper. As you might know by now, I’m quite a fan of Keystone as I loved my Keystone Montana so much. So when I started considering a Keystone Avalanche, I immediately had that “fall in love” feeling overwhelmingly hit me. So let’s talk a little about the Keystone Avalanche.

The Keystone Avalanche had two floor plans that I really found to be my style.

The first floor plan that caught my attention was the Keystone Avalanche 395BH.

Photo Credit:Keystone RV

This RV has two full bathrooms and a second entry door in the back of the coach which is great. Having that second entry door in the back allows you to put wet coats or muddy shoes there without the rest of the coach getting dirty from being tracked in. It’s also handy for say being at the beach when you want to quickly change out of that sandy bathing suit! The bunkhouse has the one slide out in it which has the built in sofa but the cool aspect to this bunkhouse is what you’ll least expect. You have the built in entertainment center and above that you have two bunks at the top in a loft area. This was a great way to make full use of the space in the bunkhouse. Even the rear bathroom has a good deal of space as you have a walk in shower and very nice vanity area.

In the living room, you have a large long slide out which provides plenty of ample seating. It appears to have a three person couch and two recliners! What helps separate the space is an island in the kitchen which appears to compliment the coach so beautifully. Your kitchen also has the slide out in it which gives you even more space and makes this coach feel so large and very comfortable to walk around in. The upstairs bathroom is quite spacious once again with a walk in shower and ample space allowing for storage of your towels and toiletries.

This floor plan is 42 feet long with four slide outs weighing in at 13,940lbs!

Truthfully I have to say the Keystone Avalanche is designed for full time living. I appreciate the fact that Keystone has made such a wonderful floor plan that allows for comfort, luxury and family. Another cool benefit I found on Keystone’s website is a 360 virtual tour you can take of their campers. While I haven’t seen this particular floor plan in person the 360 view helped me see it and picture myself in it. Now of course we all know seeing pictures and being in it can be completely different but I do look forward to touring this model and providing a live video hopefully soon.

My second favorite floor plan with the Keystone Avalanche is the 365MB.

Photo Credit: Keystone RV

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a two bedroom RV but indeed it is. This was an interesting floor plan as well as it reminds me a little bit of my 2003 Keystone Montana that was a Rear Living floor plan. Once again, I love the fact it has the island in the kitchen which gives it definition and space. I also like how it has the second bedroom off of the kitchen with not one entry door but two! Granted you don’t have the two bathrooms in this model but this particular floor plan is a few feet smaller as well. You have to remember that you have to pick out what you really want versus what you really need. A second bathroom is more of a convenience for me but not a need. I do like the additional “hidden” bed on top of the bunkhouse a loft so to speak. Whether you use it for additional family it can also be used for storage if need be. The second bedroom has a sleeper sofa and can honestly be used as an office truthfully. I love how you have plenty of cabinet space and also the two access doors into this room!

The living room has ample seating as the back of the coach has the three person couch and in the slide out you have your dining table but also two recliners that face the fireplace and entertainment center. It is a well designed floor plan and truthfully I could see myself living in this RV.

This floor plan is 39 feet and 10 inches and weighs 12,999lbs! Enjoy a 360 virtual tour of this camper as well!

So I went on Keystone RV and did a little comparison between the two floor plans to see really what was the difference. The biggest differences were to be expected which was the shipping weight, carrying capacity and length. What I didn’t expect was the huge difference in the gray and waste water tanks! The fresh water tanks hold 66 gallons on both floor plans. However, the 365MB waste water is only 49 gallons and the gray water is 83 gallons! The 395BH waste water is 93 gallons and the gray water tank is 127 gallons. That’s a HUGE difference but once again one has two bathrooms and the other only has one and that’s why we see the huge difference.

Depending on the number of individuals living in the camper or vacationing means more frequent emptying of the tanks. Now yes, you could leave the tank open but everyone is different about that and it also depends on if you have to rely on a dump station as well. That makes for an interesting thought just in itself.

Lastly, let’s switch and chat about Forest River’s Elkridge. I mentioned one floor plan in my podcast but after thinking and looking even more I realized I found a second one I really liked as well.

The Heartland Elkridge ER 39MBHS.

Photo Credit: Heartland RV


This fifth wheel has four slide outs and even though it is a bunk house it has the rear living floor plan which I really enjoy. Very similar to the Keystone Avalanche 365MB this floor plan does have an unique approach. It does have the island in the kitchen which as you know is one of my favorite concepts to the RV life. It also has the second bedroom right off the kitchen.

This floor plan has a fresh water tank capacity of 47 gallons, a 80 gallon gray tank capacity and a 40 gallon black tank capacity.

This floor plan has a dry weight of 13,145lbs!



The Heartland Elkridge ER 37BHS.

Photo Credit: Heartland RV


This floor plan has five slide outs! I am absolutely in love with these floor plans that have a rear full bath in the back with the entry door. That just seems to make a world of difference as far as privacy and space is concerned. Do you remember how I talked in Episode One about my parents have a Keystone Passport with the bunkhouse in it? Well if me and my sister were still small I’d say this would be an ideal floor plan. Now granted this floor plan is a little more different in the living room setup. There is no island in the kitchen in this particular floor plan which is okay.

Your fresh water tank has a capacity of 47 gallons, gray tank has a capacity of 120 gallons and the black tank has a capacity of 80 gallons.

This floor plan has a dry weight of 13,920lbs! The length of this floor plan is 42’1.


On Heartland’s website, I really enjoyed using their RV Comparison Tool when comparing the Elkridge 39 MBHS and the Elkridge 37 BHS. The wealth of information was much easier to read and decipher in my opinion on their website versus the Keystone Avalanche. It’s interesting at how two completely different manufacturer’s can make you think really hard about which is better. It’s really hard to say as well. Every one has their own preference and hopefully this small comparison today will provide you a little more in depth thought process if you are considering one of these four I’ve talked about.

If you’ve bought one, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on the post or send me an email at: [email protected] 




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